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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2007|12:10 pm]
Saturday, August 4th
Met up with Angie after she got back from Boston.  We sort of hung out -- she had to spend all her time cleaning up after her vomiting cats and such.  I think we also went to the Outback.

Sunday, August 5th
I finally got to take my mom out to lunch for her birthday!  My brother, my father and I went to India Palace and gorged ourselves upon the succulence that was there.  Then I hung out with my brother a lot, since I hadn't seen him much this summer, him having been in Georgia for most of it.  Later that evening, I eventually went back to Angie's and we saw Taxi Driver with Greg and Jean.  You talkin' ta me?

Monday, August 6th
Was totally planning on going to gymanstics, but overslept!  But I did promise Angie that I'd stop over, so I did.  She pretty much decided to go to bed when I got there. :-p

Tuesday, August 7th
I got to go swing dancing!  Angie said she wanted to go, (after coming up with excuses not to go out dancing for months) and so we went.  Strangely enough, Tolu was there too.  We went to Route 66 Diner afterwards.  It was her turn.

Wednesday, August 8th
Book club!  Ruby made the tastiest pasta chicken dish ever.  We discussed The Namesake and Imperial Life in the Emerald City.  The consensus was the former book was boring and silly, the latter was good but very biased in its presentation.

Thursday, August 9th
Lunch plans got shot down.  How sad.
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More updates! [Jul. 29th, 2007|09:29 pm]
Monday, July 23rd, Continued
So I ended up going to Doubletime after all.  Lovie was teaching the beginner class, of course, but it turned out to be way more than just a beginner class!  It was a quick pattern that was easy to lead and easy to learn.
Cross body lead, open break and switch, pull into cuddle, spin out into Cumbia steps, end with another cross body lead.

So I didn't end up going to gymnastics after all.

Tuesday, July 24th
Had dinner with Angie, instead of going swing dancing.  We went to Chili's because our first choice, Los Cuates, was closed at 8:45 (??).  I think it was my turn to cover.

Wednesday, July 25th
I made sure to go to gymnastics because I missed Monday.  It went pretty well -- I've decided that I need to step up my sessions and increase my physical exertion a bit more.

Thursday, July 26th
Because I didn't need to go to work super early on Friday (like I had to basically all other days of the week) I had more time in the evening to hang out with Angie.  I brought over some vegetables I had sitting around in my house and pretended to cook some gnocchi.  It was pretty bad, but that's okay, I also had some extra Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

Friday, July 27th
Jeannie's party at her loft at the old high school.  Very cute place.  I got way more intoxicated than I intended, due to us leaving earlier than I thought (and so I finished a drink really really quickly).  Ate at Standard Diner, the food is just okay.

Saturday, July 28th
So we had breakfast at Le Peep.  It was actually pretty good.  The green chili turkey sausages were mighty tasty, even if my English muffin looked like a brick.  A charred brick.  I got a replacement.  Later, it was Greg's birthday dinner at Bien Siur.  The food was really, really expensive, and while it was good, I'm not sure it justfied the cost.  Then it was time to go off and be super geeky with Ethan.

Sunday, July 29th
I'm free!  Err, I mean, I did my laundry. :-p
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What? An update? [Jul. 23rd, 2007|12:33 pm]

I realized that I needed a way to keep track of what I've been doing, and what better place to do that than here?  Of course, I do not intend this to be entertaining or even slightly useful to anyone but me.  Caveat lector.

And now to catch up...

Friday, July 20th
The evening saw Josh's birthday party.  Their band played, which was quite good.  I swing danced with Kristen to an odd choice of songs.  DJ got quite drunk and later told me he was completely useless the next day.  Sarah is not only someone Christian knows (and is dating) but also Lizzie's friend from McGill.  Angie did agree to go salsa dancing... but we didn't make it out in time.

Saturday, July 21st
Had a salsa workshop starting at 1pm.  Was actually quite fun.  I learned a shine and a  pattern.
Shine: Basic, left step on and of 8, cross with right on 1, 2, 3, hop with left on and of 4, cross with right on 5, 6, cross with left on 7.  Basic until 2, hop with right on and of 2, cross with right on 5, cross with left on 6.
Pattern: Basic until 7, at which point I step in, cross on 1, crossbody lead, come in to shoulder next 1, turn from other shoulder (and then turn over the neck) and prepare to turn her from waist next 5.  Step back on 1, turn her around behind you and catch.  Basic, crossbody lead, open break and turn her from her wrist.   Footwork (I don't know hers, mine is Suzie Qs followed by a turn and a crossbody lead).  The crossbody lead is into a cuddle, on 567 I pull her arms over her head and dip her on 123, turn her out on 567. </boringer>

Next, we went to Shawn's going away party.  Nothing interesting here, although I must remember to only try to hold all the houses in Monopoly if no one else already has anything higher.

Sunday, July 22nd
Lunch at IHOP at 11am, then horseback riding in Cedar Crest at 1pm.  Ride was ok, my horse was bored.  Angie was bored too, but her butt ended up hurting anyway.

Not sure yet.  Thinking of going to Doubletime for salsa, but that would entail skipping gymnastics.

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Tuxedo! [Oct. 6th, 2005|11:17 pm]
Through curious circumstance, I found myself in need of a tuxedo.

What's that you say? You would like a picture?

Here's one right here!Collapse )
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To my sweet baboo... [Oct. 3rd, 2005|08:48 pm]

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
All my base
Are belong to you.

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I feel like I've changed so much... [Aug. 29th, 2005|06:14 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Blue Moon]

I realize that my previous post was in April, a mere few months ago. Was it really that recent? I feel like since then, I've had some added intensity, both welcome and unwelcome, in my life.

My previous semester of school was perhaps one of my hardest, most stressful, and most fulfilling that I've ever endured. Imagine taking all your requirements for your degree, and attempting to compress everything to one year. Now, I had to do no such imagining. That was my life last semester.

Understandably, I took it easy over the summer. Extremely easy. Sure, I went back to my summer job, but it certainly isn't the most stressful position in the world. What I did do, though, was catch up on some much needed social time. I continued going to the gym. I played poker, not simply the ubiquitous hold 'em, but learned other varieties: Omaha high-low, anaconda, Chicago. I started playing ultimate frisbee and table tennis again.

At least once a week, I'd go ice skating, and I started playing piano in earnest again. One of the things about myself that I'd noticed since that last horrific semester was, simply put... I was no longer as physically coordinated as I used to be. Mind you, being coordinated was one of the things I prided myself upon. I've always had a natural surety in balance, a natural knack for physical finesse related activities such as fencing and juggling. Now, with that in mind, I hope it is understandable that it quite freaked me out to notice that I was starting to do thing like run into walls, hit my head on overhanging objects, and the like.

I don't truly know, but my guess is that there were two reasons for my increased un-coordination. One, I had been dating a girl who was such a spaz (which, at the time was an endearing trait). I believe, through sympathy, I picked up some of her clumsy habits. Additionally, I had my last semester verily crushing my brain into pulp. Not a pretty sight.

Swing dancing was more often -- at least once a week, at most up to three. I brushed up on my Jitterbug and East Coast, but in addition learned how to Charleston, Lindy Hop, and Balboa (which, in my opinion, is one of the most fun). The two teachers for the Balboa workshop that I attended were the cutest old couple I have ever seen. The woman had librarian glasses and a cute ribboned dress that probably really was from the '20s. The balding, white-haired man also wore glasses -- and a set of pleated slacks, complete with worn white oxfords. I don't recall what kind of shirt he wore, but it amazed me that these two individuals, while old, were yet still so fit and so enthusiastic about their craft. They literally infused me with desire to learn.

So where does the end of the summer find me? I'm currently back in North Carolina. I feel more alive than I have for a long time. I feel like I've gotten my coordination back, and then some. I've had plenty an opportunity to socialize, and believe you me, I've been taking advantage of them. Now, all I've got to do is find a group with which to sing, a venue in which to dance, get back into the groove of my studies, and I believe I am set.

I'm sorry for the uncharacteristically long update (I am no Lane, after all), but I feel that it was late and unduly long in the coming!
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A response! [Apr. 30th, 2005|05:34 pm]
I guess the best way to respond to all my comments in my last post is to make a new one!

So yes, I am alive, barely. I'm doing horribly because I only have licorice jujubees left, but other than that I'm having the busiest schedule ever. You try fitting in an entire Master's degree in a year and tell me you wouldn't be. ;)

As for missing the Noteworthy 5 year anniversary concert, I have this slight problem of being in the allergen-saturated, humid, conservative state of North Carolina. So unfortunately I couldn't make it. :( But I hope you guys had fun! What songs did you sing? (BTW, the a cappella community here kinda sucks, and Dan McCandless won't return my emails!!)
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Grrr [Apr. 29th, 2005|01:31 am]
[mood |crankycranky]

All I have left are licorice jujubees!
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Yeah! [Jun. 7th, 2004|11:42 pm]
Taiwan owned!

and on that groove

California owned!

New Mexico, and then North Carolina next...
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Ah yes... [Mar. 26th, 2004|09:17 am]
[mood |coldcold]

Hawaii owned.

More details later.
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