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Friday, August 10th Ah!  My uncle came into town from Atlanta… - Drew [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 16th, 2007|11:24 am]
Friday, August 10th
Ah!  My uncle came into town from Atlanta on Friday.  I "got" to help him unload all of his stuff from his trailer, especially because my living space "got" to be his storage until he finds a permanent place.  I don't mind though, he's a pretty cool guy and it's good to see him again.

Saturday, August 11th
Went hiking up to Domingo Baca Canyon to see the wreckage of the 1955 TWA Martin 404 flight.  It was a pretty decent hike, estimated about seven miles round trip.  Apparently I'm an inconsiderate hiker though, because I have a faster pace and thus sometimes hike out of visual range (which, in the forest, amounts to like 30 feet).  Oh well.  We made it to the crash site... it was pretty interesting to see the piles of twisted metal and kind of sad to imagine what had happened to those poor people.  Also, I got a flat tire on the way to meeting everyone, that was fun :-/

Afterwards we went to Nothing but Noodles, and then to Gelato!  There's a new Gelato place in town called Berry Ocean, which serves Illy gelato and coffee.  It's pretty good, although the store itself is really warm, possibly due to all the windows that face northward.  They also have vegan gelato, for those of you who won't consume milk products. :)

Also, I finally finished Imperial Life in the Emerald City.  Go me. :-p

Sunday, August 12th
Sunday was umm... what did I do on Sunday?  I found out that my tire place isn't open on Sundays, and that Weck's closes at 2 (I called them at 2:20pm).  Besides that I think I just stayed in.

Monday, August 13th
Boring day.  Got my tire fixed, ate at Wecks (it was my turn) and cleaned up my house somewhat.

Tuesday, August 14th
Ah!  I went swing dancing after work.  There were tons of strange people there -- my hypothesis is that everyone who's about to leave for school decided to show up for one last night of swing dancing goodness.  There were also some people there that I hadn't seen for a long time, such as Gary.  I also remembered that we had a Pita Pit, and duly enjoyed it afterwards. :)

Wednesday, August 15th
Asked Angie to lunch but she had a meeting.  I did go with Tony though, we ate at Munchies!  After work was gymnastics.  Practiced keeping my arms straighter when I'm tumbling on them, and did some pretty good floor work, I think.  I was supposed to meet Jess Martin afterwards (my friend from UNC) but he was having some very unusual car troubles (in that his brand new Mazda 3 wouldn't come off of the trailer that he was shipping it on).  I eventually met him later and we went to the Frontier for some much needed grub.

Thursday, August 9th
Lunch plans got shot down again.  How sad.  But I get a haircut today!