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NYC part trois [Jun. 13th, 2008|04:48 pm]

I made it to what... the night of getting into NYC before I wandered away from Livejournal for 5 months?

Oh man, it's been so long, I bet I've forgotten everything that happened!

The next morning we got up and went to an extremely fabulous breakfast place, called Sara Beth's.  Of course, it's just on the corner from where I was staying, seeing as how we were staying in expensive Manhattan land.  It was easily the best breakfast food I had ever had.  They were famous for their home-made (restaurant-made?) preserves and scones -- and ironically, despite coming back several times, I never had a chance to eat either while there.  In all my trips, however, I did have applesauce pancakes, potato waffles (was that the same dish?  I don't remember)  Some really tasty salmon eggs benedict, and ... probably something with a muffin.  I did finally get to try their preserves when I encountered a jar of the same in a hip organic grocery store (also in close walking distance), but it was until I got back to New Mexico that I actually had some.

We spent a lot of time working on our presentation for the Facebook presentation.  I think we scrapped it at least three times, rewriting completely the slides and the outlines that we were going to talk from.  It didn't help that right before the day we were to present, Jess got an email talking about how the panel wanted to emphasize the specific aspects of our application that they wanted to see.

Between working on the presentation, we um... did stuff that I can't remember now.  We ate at a prix frie Italian restaurant on a Sunday.  I think it was called Nana's, and one of the many dishes that were brought to us was this giant lump of pork that was just absolutely delicious.  I have no idea how they managed to get all the flavors into the inside of this giant lump, but I wasn't complaining.  We also went to Magnolia Bakery, which is famous (or in this case, infamous) for it's ridiculously decadent cupcakes.  They were seriously like 2 dollars a cupcake, unless you wanted an elite one, (like the red velvet) in which case it was $2.50.  It was this visit that led me to try to make red velvet cake at home on a later date -- it actually turned out pretty well.

Let me interrupt myself at this point to point out that I had been wanting to see the musical Avenue Q for about 2 years now.  I was first exposed to the music when at an a cappella exchange we heard another group sing Schadenfreude, and from that point on I was hooked.  Keep in mind that Avenue Q has never actually toured and is only seeable on Broadway.  I had made it my mission to see it while I was in NYC.

Well!  As it turns out, Avenue Q shows every day at 8pm, except for on Mondays, which was the day we looked up this information.  Tuesday was something else I don't remember, and Wednesday we planned on working on our presentation all night, as it was schedule for Thursday.  At 7:45pm to be exact, at the Flatotel, which meant that I was probably out of luck, as I was cooking dinner for our fine hostesses on Friday night, and then figuring out a way to get to the airport (which, as you recall, is super far away) on Saturday morning.

The presentation, by the way, went very poorly, but I think we did as well as we could've given the circumstances.  You see, we had planned to give our presentation to actual members of the fbFund board, seeing as we assumed that they'd be interested in, well, knowing who they were giving their money to.  We built our ideas, our speech, and our slides around this assumption.  Unfortunately, when we got there, we found no one on the board there, and in fact, only two people total.  They were very gracious, however, and let us know during our presentation that they wanted to hear about a specific aspect of our application.  We didn't really get the point across well enough, or perhaps our idea wasn't convincing enough, or something... but it was pretty obvious that we weren't going to make it.

We got out at 7:50.  The presentations were running ahead of schedule (most likely due to the two listeners making everyone skip through huge portions of their speeches).

I left the Flatotel and ran down towards the Golden Theatre, where Avenue Q was slated to play.  The line stretched completely around the block and around the corner.  I was despairing -- we got out of the (terrible) presentation early and now I couldn't even get a ticket?  Jess and Chris (our business coordinator, and a good friend of both of ours) stood around for a while -- I migrated to the end of the line looking hopeful.  Maybe a scalper would take pity on me and I could see the show for like, $200.

Jess found me 5 minutes later.  Apparently someone had walked up to him and offered him two tickets for free.  Since Jess wanted to hang out with Chris, that meant I was going to see the show alone, and could only use one ticket.  I gratefully accepted, and figured that since I was going to be sitting with this guy's group, I might as well get to know them.

Well, it turned out that these people worked for Google New York, and were highly interested in the fact that we were here in NYC to present ideas to Facebook (even after learning that we didn't think it went so well -- maybe they were only being polite).  The musical was awesome, of course, but afterwards the person who gave me the tickets asked me, 'Hey, do you know any places to chill and drink around here?'  I gave Jess a call and found out where they were at a German beer garden style pub.  So off we went.  We got to the front and the German guy in the group vetoed the place, and they headed on down to an Irish pub they'd passed by, giving all of us an invitation to join them once we were done eating.

Alright, I'm starting to ramble.  *focuses*

The German food was excellent.  The company of the Google people at the Irish pub was awesome, we had some great conversation (about princesses, no less).  I will have to let him know next time I go back to NYC, because we'll have lunch and check out the offices.

Next episode:  A home cooked dinner, and the run to catch the train back to Islip!  Also, financial troubles... oooooOOOooooo